lilian wibisono is a natural-born artist. lilian's art expresses her tropically asiatic roots combined with her contemporary sensibilities that were molded by extensive world travel and her university years in england.

born in zurich, switzerland, lilian grew up in jakarta, indonesia where she honed her aesthetic talents from a childhood hobby. originally, lilian intended to pursue the career path of her parents who own a pharmaceutical lab in jakarta. she earned a biochemistry degree from imperial college of london of science, technology and medicine. however, the drive to pursue a profession as an artisan was a passion lilian could not resist. after completing her education, lilian moved to the united states where she has dedicated her time perfecting her creative abilities. within lilian's unique paintings, a world of whimsy emerges in her choice of bright colours, dramatic patterns and charming subject matters. this self-taught artist invents original acrylic paintings using a diverse range of mediums such as eggshells and glass beads. lilian's signature art works evoke her vibrant modern style molded into imaginative floral, animal and abstract designs. simply put, lilian paints happiness onto a canvas.

private collectors from asia, australia and the united states have acquired lilian's works. lilian has presented her art at the clarendon day street festival, lyon park fair and washington's eastern market. the barnes & nobles bookstore at arlington's clarendon market commons held a month long exhibition of lilian's collection in may 2003. shortly following the show, lilian opened her own home decor shop and gallery, ispirato, in the same neighborhood.